About Nishe

The time has come for a retail revolution.

As consumers, we shouldn’t have to choose between convenience and community. We should have it both: a place where we can easily shop for the goods we need, all while supporting the neighbourhoods we love. We deserve a shopping experience that’s both down the street and in the palm of our hands, and we want our purchase to mean something - to feel good, and to do good.

At Nishe, we believe in this desire, and we’re here to deliver. We’re on a mission to change the way you shop and who you support.

When you shop Nishe, you’re empowered to easily discover, browse, and buy from the local independent retailers in your city. We connect you to the community you love, letting you support the hyper-local economy and reduce your environmental impact, all while maintaining the unique character of where you live.

We’re fueled by your commitment to showing up for the shops you believe in, and want to give you a better way to make a bigger impact. Because that’s what this is about: supporting over shopping, and investing in where it really matters: home.

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